UASU Turns Down Government Offer

The University Academic Staff Union (UASU) leaders have turned down the 3.2
% salary increment offer made by the government, terming it as a big gag to
the dons.

speaking to the Senate’s Education committee on Tuesday, the leaders,
insisted that they will only call off the strike that has paralyzed
learning in public universities for six weeks if the government offers
something better than the Ksh10 billion offer.

 “We have calculated the Ksh 10 billion, it is far too much inadequate for
entire university staff. Once the Ksh 10 billion is enhanced and the
pension component removed, we will consider signing the CBA and resuming
duty,” said the chairperson. Said the union chairperson, Prof Muga K’Olale.

He also maintains that the offer by the government currently cannot warrant
calling off the strike.

On his part, UASU Secretary General, Constantine Wasonga, told the Senate
Committee that the government is not committed to negotiate with the
lecturers and end the strike, terming the Ksh 10 billion offer by the
government as a ‘slap in their face.

“When we had packaged this Ksh 10 billion we realized that it was
translating to 3.2 % for basic salary and 1.6% for allowances, as a union
we felt that this was a slap in the face of dons,” explained Wasonga.

The Senate Education Committee, however, assured the union leaders of their
commitment to finding a solution that will end the strike menace, pleading
with them to call off the strike.

The committee chairperson, who is also Kirinyaga County Senator, Daniel
Karaba, acknowledged that they understand the grievances made by the union.

“You can trust the Senate is on your side, we will ensure that your
grievances have been met but please call off the strike,” pleaded the
Kirinyaga Senator.

The union, which has previously argued that a university professor should
earn a salary of at least Ksh 1 million after tax, said that it will brief
its members on the senate proceedings to know their views.